v0.3 beta 3
- You could block a buddy, but you could not unblock him. This has been fixed (thanks nickstein @ miniaim forum)
- Balloon tips didn't use user's alias (thanks Dimension Error @ AIM)
- Added support for other chat room exchanges (thanks mchasart @ AIM)
- Added support for Permit groups.
- Added limited support for receiving files. Please post your experiences with this feature in the forum. (thanks AzN 12aV312 and Dimension Error @ AIM for helping me test this feature. thanks also to Jonathan Clark for his work in decoding file transfer over AOL proxy)
- When you change username / pass in the preferences dialog, it will be changed when you select File | Sign On or if you are disconnected and attempt to automatically reconnect.
- Added accelerator: Ctrl+Shift+Tab to go to to previous tab. Also added to the tabs menu (thanks lolercopter @ miniaim forum)
- 'Save Options to File' was not saving server/port (thanks rooostishaw @ AIM)
- Added an option to "magnify" font sizes (thanks eli2k @ miniaim forum)
- Fixed a bug resulting in userlist not sorting itself after a buddy alias was added (thanks lolercopter @ miniaim forum)
- Added option to disable adding of "miniaim creator" (me) to buddy list
- Added always-on-top option (can't remember who requested this @ AIM)
- Added right-click menu to tab control (thanks Perry Lee Wiggleford and lolercopter @ miniaim forum)
- Added more options to the tray icon's popup menu (thanks lolercopter @ miniaim forum)
- Fixed a bug where chat invites were not shown if the client were minimized.
- Most dialogs are now centered in the screen rather than centered on the miniaim client window.
- Changed "Remove Buddy" menu item to read "Remove Buddy..."
- Removed some dialogs and reworked code to reuse common dialog templates.
- Added option to change your AIM password.
- Added support for more AIM error codes.
- Added accelerator: Ctrl+A to select all.
- Messages received in a chat room from a blocked user were not ignored. (thanks Dimension Error @ AIM)
- Fixed a bug that resulted in users not being removed from miniaim's internal buddy lists.
- If you added a buddy to a new group via the Add Buddy dialog, neither the group nor the buddy would show in your list until you restarted. This has been fixed. (thanks Dimension Error @ AIM)
- The first time you ran miniaim, it would add "fakeusername" / "miniaim creator" to your list. However, it would not show until the next time that you ran miniaim. This has been fixed. (thanks qqq @ miniaim forum)
- Fixed a bug where keyboard accelerators were intercepted by the wrong window (thanks Dimension Error @ AIM)
- Changed the Buddy menu to allow all items to show from the system menu, but deletes non-applicable items when used as a context menu.
- Fixed some bugs in tab completion. Tab completion now supports aliased buddy names (thanks Nick Ortenzio)
- All appropriate usernames have been replaced with their alias in the status window (thanks tjames098 @ AIM)
- Fixed URLs that contained '&' (thanks tjames098 @ AIM)
- miniaim not prints a session end message for the status window (thanks rooostishaw @ AIM)
v0.3 beta 2
- Fixed a bug with not calling SetForegroundWindow() before calling TrackPopupMenu() (thanks Wyatt @ #winprog).
- Fixed a sizing code bug.
- Fixed a bug that attempted to sign-off before signing on the first time.
- Grayed menubar Edit/Buddy menu items properly
- Fixed a bug relating to tab completion. Changed tab completion to only operate from the beginning of the line in the status tab.
- Fixed a bug with trying to send a message of the maximum allowed size. (thanks Bill Kramme)
- Fixed a bug with the status tab not being resized if it was hidden.
- Keyboard accelerators for Ctrl+I (italics), Ctrl+B (bold), Ctrl+U (underline), Escape (close tab), Alt+1-9 (select tab 1-9), Alt+0 (retain status tab), and Ctrl+Tab (next tab).
- Added a Tabs menu.
- Fixed a bug that resulted in username / password not being saved (thanks Dimension Error)
v0.3 beta 1
- Initial release.
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